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Procollagen-C Press Release

Clinically Proven Serum for Prevention of Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Most women who have gone through the trials of pregnancy will have a permanent, lasting reminder-STRETCH MARKS!  Stretch marks are a form of permanent scarring seen on the skin that produces a color and texture change. Stretch marks occur when skin stretches and expands quickly and beyond its limit. Tiny tears of purple or red appear in the supporting layers of skin. Pregnancy stretch marks are most common on the abdomen, breasts, thighs or buttocks. The issue is how to prevent the onset of stretch marks?  While the look of these marks can diminish over time, the scars are permanent and as women continually struggle to find a product that actually does as it says, Procollagen-C™ has entered the market with proven success in PREVENTING stretch marks during pregnancy.  According to recent and previous reported studies: 50-90% of pregnant women will develop stretch marks at some point during their pregnancy. While many articles have been written on stretch marks during pregnancy, the true cause and aggravating factors are still not well understood. Research has shown that genetics seem to play an important role in predicting who is likely to develop stretch marks but is not 100% reliable.  Other studies appear uncertain as whether maternal weight gain, fetal birth weight, sex of the baby, or skin type can help the likelihood of stretch mark development. (1,2,3,4) However, there was a study that showed diminished serum vitamin C levels were associated with an increased risk of developing stretch marks.  Exacerbating this vitamin C deficit, the developing fetus preferentially takes up what vitamin C is circulating much more efficiently than the mother’s skin.(7) Not surprising that studies show a decrease in vitamin C levels with each advancing trimester during pregnancy. What is not commonly known is that only 400 mg of vitamin C can be absorbed from the diet each day- the gut limits the amount that can taken in which is not affected by increasing intake with vitamin supplementation. (6) To compound the problem, there is now recent evidence that over a third of the population is genetically at risk for developing vitamin C deficiency due to the inability to efficiently hold on to body stores once it is absorbed.(8)  So if vitamin C is vital to healthy skin during pregnancy but the mother is limited in the amount that can be absorbed, what can be done to prevent the development of stretch marks?!


Dr. David Kaplan, a board certified dermatologist, developed a patented formulation of an ultra-stabilized topical Vitamin C that penetrates the skin in sufficient concentration to help prevent pregnancy stretch marks, or striae gravidarum.  An independent laboratory determined that 99% of the original vitamin C was still present after 2 years. This Stretch Mark Prevention Serum has been tested in clinical trial with 100 pregnant women and was shown to reduce the likelihood of stretch marks by over 90% when compared to the control group of untreated pregnant women. The Stretch Mark Prevention Serum was formulated specifically for safety for mother and baby.  It is dermatology tested and obstetrician approved. “ProCollagen-C™ is the first of its kind to do exactly as it says it will do” states Dr. David Kaplan. “What sets us apart from the hundreds of other ‘stretch mark prevention products’ on the market is that we have done years of studies with more than 100 pregnant women with the ProCollagen-C™ serum.  The results are factual; we have created a scientific formula for the prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy.” To learn more, please visit: