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Procollagen-C™ is a REVOLUTIONARY new skin care formula for stretch mark prevention during pregnancy that is safe and effective. Designed for all skin types to be safe for mother and child, Procollagen-C™ is the first clinically proven product shown to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and provides an ultra-stabilized topical Vitamin-C that penetrates the skin in sufficient concentration needed for maintaining healthy, pregnant skin.

The ProCollagen-C™ Breakthrough

ProCollagen-C™ Maternity Care Stretch Mark Prevention Serum is the first known clinically proven, all natural active ingredient patented topical formulation available to help the prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy. The story behind its development is as remarkable as the results.

The idea that Vitamin C could made into a stable formulation that could penetrate the skin in sufficient concentration to have a beneficial effect on the skin is a relatively new concept that was pioneered at Duke University Medical Center in the 1980’s. Dr. David L. Kaplan spent a year as a research fellow under the tutelage of the late Dr. Sheldon Pinnell, who is still recognized as renown researcher and innovator with vitamin C. While spending the year on a Dermatology Foundation Fellow in Dermatopharmacology, Dr. Kaplan gained the experience and knowledge to continue his research over the next 20 years before developing his own unique vitamin C formulation that has demonstrated the best stability to date.

After lecturing to a group of obstetricians, a physician in the audience asked what Dr. Kaplan would recommend to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. This started the journey which has lead to this breakthrough in prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy.

Previous research has shown that if formulated correctly, Vitamin C can penetrate the skin and achieve skin levels that exceed those when Vitamin C is taken orally, by 20 fold or higher. At these skin levels of vitamin C, stretch marks should be preventable by providing the necessary vitamin requirements to keep up with the demands of the growing and stretching of the skin. However, this therapeutic benefit has been limited by the instability of Vitamin C when exposed to water, light, air, and/or heat, as Vitamin C can degrade as quickly as 30 minutes when in a solution or lotion.

Dr. David Kaplan, a board certified dermatologist, developed a patented formulation of an ultra-stabilized topical Vitamin C that penetrates the skin in sufficient concentration to help prevent pregnancy stretch marks, or striae gravidarum. An independent laboratory determined that 99% of the original vitamin C was still present after 2 years.

This Stretch Mark Prevention Serum has been tested in clinical trial with 100 pregnant women and was shown to reduce the likelihood of stretch marks by over 90% when compared to the control group of untreated pregnant women. The Stretch Mark Prevention Serum was formulated specifically for safety for mother and baby. It is dermatology tested and obstetrician approved.